Hey, I'm Hollie. I post mainly mental disorder related posts and self harm. But whatever's on my mind at the time really or what I find interesting or pretty. Please don't follow me if you are easily triggered. I personally have been on and off with self harm for over 5 years now. You can message me for advice or help and I'll try my best. I'm always here to talk. Please ask me anything that you're curious about too. I do not promote nor agree with self harming or anything related. __________________________________________________________

*****************************BIG TRIGGER WARNING**************************** _______________________________________________________________________________

Last cut: 15th July 2014

How long I was clean before: 2 days.. _________________________________________________________________________

Longest time clean this year: 36 days.


"You can’t eat all that!"

fuckin watch me.

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i do not care about highschool or getting involved or making memories i want to pass my classes and get the fuck out

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Q: You are such a beautiful person inside and out. I hope you have a decent day since good usually isn't in the cards for people like us. Just know I'm watching your inspiring journey and I hope you can break your record again. You are so pretty just the way you are.

I’m still going :)I’ve already broken the record and am on

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Depression blog *trigger warning*


i love my arms, cause they’re covered in scars, and i’m proud of every single scar that i’ve made cause it puts me throught this fucking life. i’m stil alive, whats kinda nice, but these arms, i’ll hide them forever, and in few months, the summer is coming, and what the fuck am i supposed to do? i can’t hide them forever.. i’ll try but i know that i’ll fail again and again, i’m so scared that everybody will find out, that theres a boy, in this fucking world who hurt himself a lot, but stil it’s not enough… but the problem is that i didn’t just cut my arms, i cut in a lot places, and i’m sure that i can hide them forever, cause i’ll never get naked in front of someone, my legs are also covered in scars, actually my whole body, not just arms and legs, and i love it.. i wasn’t meant to be this way, but when i cut myself for a first time, i fall in love with blade, and i know that blades aren’t going to leave me, they love me, they love my body.. once i was clean for 38 days, i was probably the happiest person on this world, but i fucked everything up, and i started with 1 cut, and ended with 78. yeah i counted every single of them, i’m not like other guys, i’m not normal.